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"Refreshingly clear and concise writing."

—Elias Berg, CMO of Seacoast Community Bank

Main Services


Let me plan what content will get you the most readers, and then best turn those readers into sales. Need me to write it too? That's great! I love the whole writing process, from brainstorming ideas to editing final drafts. Whether it's product annoucements, comparisons, or guides, I know how to craft messages that resonate with your audience. Together, we can build a content strategy that engages your target customers like never before.


Once you are a market leader, attracting more readers can be hard. By tweaking how your content is presented, I can help you better inspire your current readers to take action now. Why stop at just attracting readers when you can convert them into loyal customers? With careful analysis and smart adjustments to your content's language, tone, and layout, I'll work to increase your conversion rates.


Want just the writing? That works too! Be it outlines, drafts, or editing, I can deliver it! Your blog can become a go-to resource, your emails can spark intrigue, and your website can become a home for your community. With tailored copy that fits your unique voice and appeals to your audience's needs and desires, I'm here to take your words to the next level. No task is too big or too small, and I approach every project with the same passion and precision. Together, let's make your words work for you!

Steps for Success


Before we can convey your value to customers, I first have to understand your business, target audience, and competition. I want to dig deep to truly identify what attracts your most profitable customers.

To accomplish this I have created a novel consultation process that digs deep to find your company's true mission. My goal is to enhance this uniqueness so that your company further stands out.

After I have reviewed all the information on your business, we can either finalize the direction of the copy on a call or I can get right to writing.

"He brought out a unique side of our business with his curiosity."

—Ross M. Arnold,
CEO of Cold Water Crabs

Dig Deeper


Good copy isn't about mimicking some magic words, its about highlighting what makes your business stand out.

"Finally a SaaS copywriter who understands the complexity of our product!"

—Joyce Ellison,
CTO of Zurba Technologies

Grow Your Business

After the initial consultation, we will create a list of value propositions unique to your business. That list will be then trimmed to the one proposition that will be most successful for your company's goals.

There is a specific aspect of your business that has attracted your current customers. Together we can hone in on that unique value to continue your company's growth.


I love to write, and I love to write well. For up to 30 days after the submission of the first draft, I offer unlimited revisions as long as there is no fundamental change in the direction of the copy. I want you to get every last conversion!

But also be prepared for some pushback. I am results-driven and I am willing to have some awkward conversations if it means guaranteeing your short and long-term growth.

Great copywriters do more than deliver top-notch work; they’re adaptable, open to feedback, and most importantly, focused on producing measurable results that drive business growth.

"Jeremy is eager to write. His drafts were always early and well-received!"

—William WainWright,
Owner of WWW Marketing

Let's Start Writing!

More About Me

After graduating from Boston College with a dual degree in computer science and finance, I had a successful career as a software engineer. But as my career continued, I grew tired of coding. What I truly enjoyed were the regular meetings with executives where I had to break down technical concepts. Inspired by this, I began to create viral content for teaching people how to code. But I wanted more. I wanted to be on the cutting edge for teaching new technologies. That is what led me to copywriting — I am able to teach about new innovations right when they launch.

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